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10th Anniversary of Accordions Worldwide
Pigini Day 1946 – 2006, Rimini – Italy
International Competition Program, Castelfidardo - Italy

Concert at La Scala, Milan - Italy

56th Trophée Mondial de l'Accordéon, Kragujevac –Serbia
North Staffs Accordion Club’s 21st Birthday Concert, Stoke - UK
Los Reyes Vallenatos Concert, Chihuahua - Mexico
British College of Accordionists’ 70th Anniversary, Leicester - UK

David Glukh International Ensemble Concert Season, New York - USA
Pascal Contet’s October Diary Dates, Paris - France
International Accordion Festival, Texas – USA
Dr Willliam Schimmel’s Fall Schedule, New York – USA
Piazzolla Music Award, Nazario Sauro - Italy
NAO North West Area Championships, Fleetwood – UK
Accordez Accordeons

10th Anniversary
Contributed by Harley Jones
Director, Accordions Worldwide

Ten years ago, on October 1st 1996, the Accordions Worldwide site was opened after many months of preparation by a team of people, to include the Accordion Yellow Pages, many hundreds of pages of history, information and articles about the accordion, and for the Opening Day, the first “The Squeeze” accordion news.

The news was going to be monthly, but changed immediately to weekly with all issues kept online permanently published - very popular reading today, and grew from one language to 7 languages:

I would like to pay tribute to four key people: Holda Paoletti-Kampl - Europe Manager, Kevin Friedrich for the United States National Accordion News and USA office, Li Cong for the Chinese site and office, Tatiana Lanchtchikova - Office Manager.

It is a measure today of just how fast technology has changed the world, that when I first asked Holda Paoletti-Kampl to visit all the accordion factories in Castelfidardo seeking advertising, only one factory had email and none had an internet site. What a MASSIVE change in the world of the accordion in just 10 years! We celebrate elsewhere in the coming weeks our first client – Borsini Accordions.

Since Accordions Worldwide started, readership has grown strongly and now, over 50,000 interested accordionists come to our group of websites each week. Broadcasting to so many accordionists was a dream 10 years ago and the numbers continue growing strongly.

There has been an updated Accordions Worldwide history written, and I hope you will enjoy it. Mostly, thank you to all our advertisers, readers and fr