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60 eme anniversaire de la Coupe Mondiale aux Etats Unis
8eme festival international d’accordeon de Vienne – Autriche
Nouvel Album de Zevy Zions- USA

Aidar Gainullin’s ‘Expolang-2007’ Concert, Paris - France

Dr. William Schimmel’s Winter/Spring Tour Schedule, New York - USA
Wazemmes Carnival Press Conference, Lille – France
Pearl Fawcett-Adriano Concert Schedule - UK
Claudio Jacomucci Concerts – Italy
Victor Prieto Trio Residency, New York - USA
‘From Bach To Barynya’, London - UK
Foster & Allen UK Tour 2007
VAMÖ Accordion Competition, Vienna – Austria
Karen Street and Tony Compton, Southend – UK
CONTET – prochaines evenements / concerts - France
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60 eme anniversaire de la Coupe Mondiale aux Etats Unis
Contribue par Kevin Friedrich

Le 60eme anniversaire de la Coupe Mondiale d’accordeon de la Confédération Internationale des Accordéonistes aura lieu du 13 au 18 aout prochain a Alexandria, en Virginie – Washington DC. Communement organise par la ATG et AAA (the Accordionists and Teachers Guild, International (ATG) and the American Accordionists' Association (AAA) ), c’est la premiere fois depuis 25 ans que la Coupe Mondiale n’avait pas eu lieu aux Etats Unis.

Les categories de la Coupe Mondiale sont au nombre de 6 : Coupe Mondiale Senior Classique, Coupe Mondiale Junior Classique, Variete Senior et Junior, Accordeon Piano et Musique de Chambre.

En parallele a la Coupe Mondiale, des festivities diverses et variees auront lieu comme le World Accordion Orchestra dirige by Joan C. Sommers, une soiree annimee par la US Army et the US Air Force Bands, un concours reserve a la gente feminine en l’honneur de Magdalena Belfiore, les finales des concours nationaux de l’ATG et AAA, etc.

Le tout aura lieu au Millennium Stage, une des salles les plus reputes de la ville.

Plus d’info www.coupemondiale.org contact Faithe Deffner, 2007 CIA Honorary Vice President et coordinatrice de la Coupe Mondiale fdeffner@aol.com
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8eme festival international d’accordeon de Vienne – Autriche

Pour la 8eme fois, le festival international d’accordeon aura lieu a Vienne, en Autriche, au Danube Micropolis… au repertoire : musique traditionnelle, experimentale, etc…

Du 24 au 25 mars, 200 accordeonistes de 27 pays differents y participeront :
Otto Lechner, Krzysztof Dobrek, Martin Lubenov, Klaus Paier, Sascha Shevchenko, Renato Borghetti in duo with his idol Raúl Barboza, the legendary Ciro Perez, with his Trio P.S.P., Ulrich Kodjo Wendt, Renato Borghetti, Marinette Bonnert & Pere Romaní, Riccardo Tesi, Motion Trio, Richard Galliano, Beni Schmid, with Stian Carstensen and Georg Breinschmied, Chili Cheeps, Tini Trampler, Heinz Ditsch, Stefan Sterzinger, Attwenger and Roland Neuwirth, Madagascar All Stars and Zamballarana.

Le festival aura comme activite : quorum network, communication, discussions et interaction, relaxation, etc.

Plus d’info: herbert@accordion-cd.co.at
Karthause Schmuelling music catalog
Nouvel Album de Zevy Zions- USA
Contribue par Rob Howard

‘Olive Blossoms’, nouvel album de Zevy Zions vient de sortir. Il represente une compilation d’arrengements de Zevy’s teacher, Charles Nunzio, Frosini, etc. titres : ‘Coquette Polka’, ‘Florette’, ‘Bel Fiore’, ‘Olive Blossoms’, ‘Mozart Menuetto’, ‘Czardas’, ‘Elenita’, ‘Klezmer Suite’, ‘Serenata Primaverile’, ‘La Cumparsita’, ‘Lady of Spain’ et ‘The Carnival of Venice’.

Plus d’info: kvetcher@oliveblossoms.com

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Aidar Gainullin’s ‘Expolang-2007’ Concert, Paris - France

On January 24th 2007 the well-known Russian musician and composer Aidar Gainullin made an extraordinary impression in the castle of Forges, near Paris, with his group of the following musicians: Elena Lutz - bayan, Andrey Glebov - double bass, and Phillip Bernhardt - percussion.

The concert has been dedicated to the opening of the yearly international linguistic exhibition ‘Expolang-2007’, where Russia was presented as the guest of honour. The First Lady of France, Bernadette Chirac, wife of French President Jacques Chirac, and other prominent people were overwhelmed by Aidar’s performance.
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William Schimmel CD's
Dr. William Schimmel’s Winter/Spring Tour Schedule, New York - USA
Contributed by Rob Howard

Dr William Schimmel appears with The Tango Project in the motion picture, ‘All the Kings Men’, starring Sean Penn, now available on DVD. He can also be heard on the soundtrack of the movie, ‘The Baker, to be released in May, and plays on the new CD release of ‘Pinsk and Blue’, by Alla Borzova, on Albany Records, to be released at the end of March.

Dr Schimmel’s diary includes the following appearances:

January 25th - Manhattan School of Music, New York - guest composer/performer at the Composers’ Forum - performed his own ‘Dean Martin Variations’ and ‘Pro But’, Luciano Berio’s ‘Sequenza 13 (Chanson)’ and Liam Robinson’s ‘In a China Shop’

February 12th - Nancy Lee’s Pig Heaven - Chinese New Year - guest artiste

February 14th to 18th - appearing in ‘A Musical Journey’, starring Vicki Phillips at the Mishler Theatre in Altoona, Pa. Performing the music of Kurt Weill, Jacques Brel and Charles Aznavour

February 22nd to 24th - Jazz at Lincoln Center, Rose Theatre, New York - Jazz Orchestra at Lincoln Center - Wynton Marsalis, conducting - Jazz and Art - Mark O’Connor , violin - Wycliffe Gordon, trombone and tuba and Bill Schimmel, accordion - all guest artistes in a new work by Ted Nash – 8pm

March 13th – Modern works - Christ and St Stephen’s Church, New York - performing in the world premiere of ‘Spiral Jetty’, by Anthony Cornicello for accordion, violin, cello and electronics, as well as works by Sofia Gubaidulina and Judith Shatin

March 17th, 6pm – ‘Close Encounters with Music’ - St James’ Church - Great Barrington, Massachusetts. Performing in the world premiere of Jorge Martin’s ‘Ropa vieja - Cuban Suite No 2’ for accordion, cello and percussion

March 23rd - same concert as above - Theatre 4301, Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts, Arizona

March 24th - concert with Angelina Reaux, soprano – ‘The music of Kurt Weill’ - Napa Valley, California

May 5th, 3pm - same concert as March 13th - Eastern Connecticut University – Hartford, Connecticut

For further information email: billschimmel@billschimmel.com
Gary Dahl Arrangements
Wazemmes Carnival Press Conference, Lille – France
Contributed by Rob Howard

A press conference to announce details of the 3rd Carnival of Wazemmes takes place on February 8th, 6.30pm, at l’auberge de la Maison Folie de Wazemmes, 70, rue des Sarrazins 59000, Lille.

The Carnival of Wazemmes takes place from March 9th to 11th.

For further information email: communication@wazemmeslaccordeon.com
Deffner Music catalog
Pearl Fawcett-Adriano Concert Schedule - UK
Contributed by Rob Howard

Accordion virtuoso Pearl Fawcett-Adriano has the following dates:

February 18th to 19th - Eastbourne Accordion Festival
March 31st, 7.30 pm -  Middlesbrough Accordion Workshop, Stainton Village Hall,  Stainton,  near Middlesbrough
April 20th, 7.30 pm -  Guildford Accordion Club, Ripley Village Hall, Surrey
April 22nd, 2pm -  Whitehorse Accordion Club, Westbury Leigh Community Hall,  Wiltshire
May 2nd, 7.30pm - Fairtykes Accordion Club, Fairkytes Arts Centre,  Billet Lane,  Hornchurch,  Essex
May 15th, 7.30pm - North Staffs Accordion Club, Holditch Colliery Club,  Chesterton, near Newcastle-Under-Lyme
June 21st, 7.30pm - Harlow Accordion Club, Links Social Club, Parsloe Road, Harlow, Essex

For further information email: pearladriano@hotmail.com
Accordion Jazz Chords book - Norbert Seidel
Claudio Jacomucci Concerts – Italy
Contributed by Holda Paoletti-Kampl

Accordionist Claudio Jacomucci performs in concert as follows:

February 10th – Forlì, Sismica; program, involving the dancer Kathleen Delaney, includes ‘Aner & Xelda in Wonderland’ (premiere of Jacomucci’s new work), Igor Stravinsky – ‘Petrushka’, Maurice Ravel – ‘Ma Mere l’Oye’, and John Zorn – ‘Road Runner’.

26th – Lugano, Switzerland: broadcast on Radio Svizzera, the Italian language Swiss radio station
March 17th – Amsterdam (same program as on February 10th)
May 8th to 13th - La Chaux de Fonds, Switzerland – Les Amplitudes Festival, dedicated to Salvatore Sciarrino ; program includes ‘Vagabonde Blu’ - S. Sciarrino, new work - D.Glaus *premiere Claudio Jacomucci, accordion solo
June 1st to 3rd - Bourges, France - Synthese Festival
An A to Z of the Accordion
Victor Prieto Trio Residency, New York - USA
Contributed by Holda Paoletti-Kampl

On February 17th, 9pm, the Victor Prieto Trio, with vocalist Maria Cangiano, appear in concert at Night and Day, Park Slope, Brooklyn. Victor tells us: “My series of shows at Night and Day resumes in February until June, always the 3rd Saturday of each month”.

The Victor Prieto Trio includes Carlo deRosa - bass and Vince Cherico - drums.

The magazine ‘All About Jazz’ says "Spanish-born jazz accordionist Victor Prieto is the most exciting such player to come on the scene since Eddie Monteiro. Melding Argentine and Brazilian influences with a bop sensibility, Prieto gives the lie to all of the nasty things that have been said over the years about the much-maligned squeezebox."

For further information email: victorprieto2001@yahoo.com
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‘From Bach To Barynya’, London - UK
Contributed by Rob Howard

Russian accordionist Nikolai Ryskov performs in a concert titled ‘ From Bach To Barynya’ on March 3rd at 7.30pm at St Stephen’s Church, Gloucester Road, London SW7 4RL.

This concert is ‘Dedicated to 110 years of the invention of the Russian accordion – the Bayan, 1897-2007’, and includes classical music, tangos by Astor Piazzolla, popular Russian folk songs and dance music. Performing with Nikolai Ryskov are Elizabeth Levine – violin, Yury Veryyovkin – piano, guitar and vocals, Elena Vorotko – piano, Alexey Kiseliov – cello, Elena Grishina – vocals, Viktor Obsust – double bass, Darla Kulesh – vocals, Carlos Barcenas - Mexican tenor, Bibs Ekkel – balalaika, Alla Sirenko – composer, and the South East Russian Language Society Dancers.

For further information email: nikolai.ryskov@ntlworld.com
Friedrich Lips CD Collection
Foster & Allen UK Tour 2007
Contributed by Rob Howard

The ever-popular Irish duo Mick Foster – accordion and Tony Allen – vocals/guitar are touring England, Scotland and Wales during March and April. Their dates are as follows:

March 22nd – Hall for Cornwall, Truro
24th – Pavilion Theatre, Weymouth
25th – City Varieties Music Hall, Leeds
26th – Corn Exchange, Cambridge
27th – The Playhouse, Weston-Super-Mare
28th – Memorial Theatre, Frome
29th - Pavilion Theatre, Worthing
30th – Fairfield Halls, Croydon
31st – Auditorium, Grimsby
April 1st – Grand Opera House, York
3rd – Plaza, Stockport
4th – Venue Cymru, Llandudno
5th – Southport Theatre, Southport
6th – Rothes Halls, Glenrothes
7th – Pavilion Theatre, Glasgow
8th – Music Hall, Aberdeen
10th – Playhouse, Whitley Bay
11th – The Forum, Billingham
12th – Royal & Derngate, Northampton
13th – Corn Exchange, Kings Lynn
14th – Palace Theatre, Redditch
15th – Step David’s Hall, Cardiff
16th – Beck Theatre, Hayes
17th - Palace Theatre, Newark
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VAMÖ Accordion Competition, Vienna – Austria
Contributed by Holda Paoletti-Kampl

The VAMÖ accordion competition takes place on February 25th in the Waldmüllersentrum, 1100 Vienna, 1100 Wien, Hasengasse 38, statt. The competition has a variety of age categories, and full details are now available.

For further information email: kaleta.hermi@aon.at
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Karen Street and Tony Compton, Southend – UK
Contributed by Rob Howard

Accordionists Karen Street and Tony Compton, on acoustic and midi instruments, will present a concert of standards and jazz at the Council Chamber, Civic Centre, Victoria Avenue, Southend-on-Sea, on February 21st, from 12.15 to 1pm.

Karen Street was the All Britain Virtuoso Champion in 1982 and 1983, and a competitor in the 1984 CIA Coupe Mondiale held in Folkestone, England. Tony Compton is well known for his performances with Jack Emblow.

For further information email: mail@karenstreet.com
Titano Accordion Company
CONTET – prochaines evenements / concerts - France

3 EVRON 20H30 Auditorium J.Lanoë Ciné –Concert L’ AURORE (MURNAU)

En journée : atelier pédagogique en journée (école de musique d’Evron )
13 PARIS 19H 30 Auditorium St –Germain Ensemble Ars Nova.
Trio 1 et 2 de Bernard Cavanna et 8 Lieder de Schubert vs Cavanna /Ensemble Ars Nova :
Pierrot Lunaire( Schoenberg) dir :Philippe NahonMarie Charvet, violon, Isabelle Veyrier , Isa
Lagarde , soprano, Pascal Contet.
Pascal Contet avec le CCN Caen (Héla Fattoumi et Eric Lamoureux, chorégraphes)
Formations / Stages
1 PARIS 9H30-12H30 Cité de la Musique (Folie Musique)
Formation Enseignants de la musique / étude pratique du rapport musique et cinéma
5 et 6 février ADDIM 70 VESOUL région (Ecoles Passavant la Rochère/Demangevelle)
Initiation à la musique contemporaine avec création d’ une oeuvre collective (mode graphique)
Concerts les 2 avril (Espace Molière Luxeuil) et 3 avril 07 (Théâtre de Gray)
9 PARIS Rapport Danse et Musique avec Claude Sorin (classes de danse du CNSMD de Paris)
15,16,19,20,22 et 23 février ADDIM 70
VESOUL REGION (GY, Frasnes le château, Fontenoy idem que 5 et 6 février
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  Révision faite par Paolo Picchio
Dal Repertorio ottocentesco per strumenti ad ancia libera alla musica del Novecento by Alessandro Mugnoz and Claudia Menghi

  Révision faite par Alessandro Mugnoz
Domenico Scarlatti, Sonate by Giorgio Dellarole
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Frankfurt Music Fair
The AATA site updated with information of their forthcoming event in June including new poster of the Farewell Concert.
Viatcheslav Semionov CD's  for sale
Gary Dahl - accordionist as well as a composer, arranger, recording artist and music educator, has 9 new web pages, Grade 2, Grade 3, Grade 4, Grade 5, Grade 6, Grade 7, Grade 8, Grade 9 and Grade 10 of Gary Dahl Graded Specials available for purchase online.
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